Devore Velvet


The term ‘devoré’ comes from the French ‘to devour’, and describes how the pile of velvet fabric is removed to form a pattern. You will learn how to etch silk viscose velvet using devoré paste, using stencils and by hand painting, creating a raised and textured surface design. You will then learn how to paint and dye your devoré and other velvet using procion and acid dyes, to create colourful fabrics for scarves and other projects.

The course will include short demonstrations to the group by the tutor when required, with the majority of the course taking the form of practical progress on your own personal project, and individual guidance from the tutor when required



Create designs for patterns; cut stencils and work directly onto velvet with devoré paste; leave to dry

 Tea break
Iron devoré work and remove fibres;
Lunch break
Painting devore velvets with procion dyes


MATERIALS PROVIDED: Silk viscose velvet fabric; devoré paste; procion dyes; all necessary tools and equipment required


EXTRA MATERIALS REQUIRED AND APPROXIMATE COST:  More fabric is available to purchase if required, to produce further experimental pieces if time allows


ADDITIONAL NOTES: Please bring an apron and wear old clothes; bring a packed lunch

WARNING - devoré paste when heated, and the loose fibres created, could cause problems for those with breathing difficulties – masks are provided and certain processes take place outside