Drawing for Beginners

Drawing is fundamental to all other aspects of art and the crafts, as well as an enjoyable pastime in its own right. This informal workshop has an emphasis on developing your perception and creativity, and building your confidence in your drawing ability. Discover your strengths using different drawing exercises and techniques, as well as experimenting with a range of different media including charcoal, graphite, pencil, pastels and ink. We will be drawing from various different natural forms.

1. Begin with simple mark-making to introduce you to a range of different drawing media
2. Move onto line drawing, and learning to observe your subject
3. Discover how to use shading to create form
4. Create a final piece of work combining all your favourite drawing elements

 MATERIALS PROVIDED: A range of drawing materials including charcoal, pencil, graphite, pastels and ink; a variety of different papers and drawing surfaces

 ADDITIONAL NOTES: Suitable for beginners, but also those who would like to rekindle or improve past skills and experience