Goldwork Embroidery

Goldwork is a traditional embroidery technique that has been around for centuries, creating rich, sumptuous and decorative surfaces and often used to embellish ceremonial garments. This workshop will introduce you to a range of different ‘gold’ threads and and wires, together with a variety of my own interpretations of traditional stitches and techniques, by working on a small richly embellished and decorated panel using a choice of designs.
The course will include short demonstrations to the group by the tutor when required, with the majority of the course taking the form of practical progress on your own personal project, and individual guidance from the tutor when required

Session 1:  Choosing design and drawing it up onto silk fabric; working the padding that forms a base for goldwork

 Session 2: Adding leather to your work; Japwork

 Session 3: Cutwork; Couching

 MATERIALS PROVIDED: Student pack which includes: silk and calico base fabrics, a range of gold threads and wires, padding materials, gold kid leather, threads and needles. Also a range of designs to choose from, and the use of all required equipment such as embroidery hoops, scissors etc

 ADDITIONAL NOTES: Please bring along any of your favourite embroidery equipment you might prefer to use, such as: small embroidery scissors, embroidery hoop etc. You will also need your reading glasses if you use them for close work.