Handprinted Christmas Cards

Every year we say to ourselves that we are going to make our own cards to send in time for Christmas, but invariably we leave it too late and end up spending a fortune on shop bought versions; This year, take this opportunity to produce festive lino prints of your own design onto cards to send to family and friends, gifts in themselves that people will really appreciate, and well in time for  sending before Christmas.
Woodcut and linocut printing is becoming increasingly popular, and ever more so due to the interest in vintage and 'make your own' crafts.
Prints are created by carving a design into a wood or lino block, then rolling ink onto the surface of the block, which can then be pressed onto paper and other surfaces To reveal the image.
Blocks can be inked up and printed, again and again; making it a popular method of printing cards, gift wrap and labels.
Wood and lino cut printing also has a long and established history in book illustration and fine art.
On this course will design and carve your own lino blocks, learning to use cutting tools safely. You will then use your lino block to produce single, or multi-colour prints on cards.
The course will include short demonstrations to the group by the tutor when required, with the majority of the course taking the form of practical progress on your own personal project, and individual guidance from the tutor when required

During the course you will learn how to cut safely with lino tools, practice mark making techniques on practice blocks, ink up and print the results.
We will discuss good composition when designing your image, and how to transfer designs onto lino block ready for cutting. Cut your design into the lino block, proof image, make adjustments, then print a series of images from your block, by hand.


Lino blocks, paper, cards, printing inks and all tools and equipment as required.
If you wish to buy further materials from the tutor, this will be possible.

Plenty of reference books and images will be available to browse, but it is recommended that you also bring your own source material/ sketchbooks/ ideas for an image you wish to produce. Favourite examples of previously received Christmas cards are ideal.

Please wear old/ work clothes, aprons also provided. You may wish to bring an art bag/ folio/ or box to take prints home in. Prints will need a day or two to fully dry, and can also be collected later by arrangement.