Inclusions in Fused Glass

Glass fusing can be enhanced by utilising a variety of decorative techniques and inclusions, prior to firing in a kiln. This workshop will introduce you to a range of different techniques using powder frits and glass enamel paints, such as block printing and stencils; how to use inclusons such as metal and paper; and how to create intricate shapes in glass
The course will include short demonstrations to the group by the tutor when required, with the majority of the course taking the form of prctical progress on your ownpersonal project, and individual guidance from the tutor when required

Using a simple text of your choice for inspiration, you will create a set of samples which will include: making and using stencils; using stamp pads for block printing; creating frit and mica sheets to cut shapes from; using metal and paper inclusions.
You can arrange your samples on a piece of glass as a finished piece of work - alternatively create a separate 'final piece' and have your samples fired individually

Range of coloured glass enamel paints, binders, powder frits, metall and paper inclusions; clear base glass; all materials and equipment as required. 
Please wear closed in shoes for glass work

Please note work will need to be left at the studio for firing, and will need collecting afterwards.