Indigo Shibori


Indigo dye produces a distinct deep blue colour, and is most suited to natural fibres.

Shibori is a Japanese art of creating fabric patterns by tying, stitching, wrapping or clamping. During this workshop you will have the opportunity to prepare and dye a range of fabrics including cotton, viscose and silk. These pieces could then become scarves, cushion covers, or simply decorative fabric lengths.

The course will include short demonstrations to the group by the tutor when required, with the majority of the course taking the form of practical progress on your own personal project, and individual guidance from the tutor when required



Session 1:Introduction to the dye. The tutor will talk a little about the history of indigo, and show some demonstration pieces


Session 2: Setting up the indigo dye vat. While the dye is curing, there will be time to prepare your own Shibori resists


Session 3:Creating and dyeing more pieces  


MATERIALS AND EQUIPMENT INCLUDED: Indigo vat and resist equipment; a range of natural fabrics


PLEASE BRING: Rubber gloves; plastic bags for taking work home