Mezzotint Engraving

Invented in the seventeenth century, mezzotint engraving quickly became popular as it could render a full range of tonal gradations from the richest dark blacks to the brightest highlights. Over the day you will be shown how to engrave and print your own mezzotint engraving and also try out one or two new techniques

The course will cover choice of suitable subject matter and how to transfer an image from life, sketch or photograph on to the plate. You will then be shown how to use the scraper/burnisher to engrave your image and finally inking up and printing onto thick acid free paper through an etching press. Along the way  you will also be able to try out a Maywood monotype and Maywood types 1 and 2 mezzotints
Lunch included

COURSE TUTOR: Martin Maywood
A fine art graduate, Martin began making pre-rocked mezzotint plates in 1999 and has been supplying artists with them ever since. Practised in traditional mezzotint engraving, he has also developed some new alternative ways of printing with mezzotint plates

Student packs with all necessary materials including three 5x 6cm mezzotints plates; all other materials and equipment as required

Suitable subject matter will be available but by all means bring along your own sketches, photos and ideas.
Further pre-rocked plates will be available to purchase from the tutor with a 30% discount on the day - please see Martin's website for sizes and prices