NCFE Level 2 Award in Textiles Info

UNIT 1 – ‘Use materials and resources to develop textiles techniques’

 20 hours

 At this level, learners will already have developed basic textiles skills and knowledge of materials and

techniques. In this unit learners will extend their understanding of how to exploit the strengths

and weaknesses of materials and resources according to their ideas and intentions. They will develop

techniques to use them appropriately and will observe Health and Safety.


-       Extending understanding of visual and tactile qualities of materials

-       Ways of using materials, tools and equipment to develop design ideas

-       Maintaining a safe working environment


UNIT 2 – ‘Develop and adapt textiles ideas creatively’

20 hours

Learners will draw ideas from a range of sources to explore possible ways forward and will develop

them creatively to achieve their intended outcome(s). Learners will record significant points of

development in their textiles work and will reflect on what they have done, making appropriate

modifications in response to circumstances and feedback from Tutors and peers. Learners will follow

Health and Safety procedures when developing and adapting ideas.


-       Using a range of sources to collect ideas for development

-       Producing and developing a range of designs for textile items

-       Exploring, modifying and evaluating creative development of textiles ideas

-       Maintaining a safe working environment


UNIT 3 – ‘Create, present and evaluate final textiles item(s)’

 20 hours

 In this unit learners will prepare and produce final textiles item(s) following Health and Safety

procedures. Learners will demonstrate an intermediate level of skill when using materials and

techniques and will set and adhere to their own targets for production. Learners will evaluate what they

have learnt through the whole textiles process and how their final item(s) portrays their original ideas

and intentions.


-       Planning and preparing for the creation of final textiles work

-       Producing final textiles work following health and safety procedures

-       Presenting and evaluating the final textiles work, and evaluating process of learning