NCFE Level 2 Award in Glass

Course title: NCFE Level 2 Award in Creative Crafts (Glass)

Course number: 600/1566/4/GLA

Unit Summaries:
(Please note: we will be following unit 2 first and unit 1 second, hence their listing in this order)
Unit 02 - Explore materials, tools and techniques to support craft ideas
Learners will explore different materials and develop an understanding of the visual and tactile qualities of them. They will develop their techniques for manipulation of different craft materials, and develop the use of tools needed. Learners will be expected to respond and adapt to feedback from others, to further develop their ideas whilst ensuring that they observe the Health and Safety aspects of materials, tools and techniques used.

Unit 01 - Research and develop craft ideas
Learners will research and compare sources and contexts to inspire their ideas for craft. Learners will have the opportunity to present their ideas to others, to gain feedback on which to adapt or improve their idea. They will develop their ideas by researching, debating and adapting before selecting and justifying their final choice.

Unit 03 - Produce craft work
In this unit learners will plan, produce and evaluate their own craft work. Learners will prepare the tools, materials and equipment required to produce their craft piece whilst maintaining a safe working environment. Learners will have the opportunity to display their finished piece of work in an appropriate way or setting for others to see. Learners will also evaluate the whole creative process and record any issues/challenges they faced and any areas for improvement. They will then create an action plan to help them with further developments.

This course description is taken from the NCFE Course Specification - full details and course spec can be found on the NCFE website,, under the course title and number listed above. Further course details and a registration form will be provided on payment of the £50 deposit, and a full timetable of sessions, materials list etc will be provided on the first day of the course itself.