10am - 4pm

All materials included

Our 1-day workshops are now ‘on demand’! Create your own bespoke day, choosing your favourite subject from the list below (or you can suggest your own) and arranging a date to suit you and your friends, family and colleagues.
Minimum 4 people (maximum 6), and suitable for all abilities. Dates are arranged to suit you, depending on the availability of both the studio and the relevant tutor.

Workshop fees are per person, and include all your materials and plenty of refreshments

Lino Printing £75

Tutor: Nancy Goodens
Create your own printing block using the modern equivalent of lino, and produce a set of colourful prints
Drypoint Printmaking £75
Tutor: Kerry Vaughan
Similar to etching - scribe your design onto a plastic plate, ink it up and then create prints using a printing press

Oil Painting/Acrylic Painting £80

Tutor: Lin Whiteman
Choose either oils or acrylics and learn the basics in either medium, to create a landscape or still life on canvas

Animals in Pastels £75

Tutor: Kerry Vaughan
Learn how to produce a detailed drawing of a tiger using pastel pencils, including a range of tips and techniques
Portraits £75
Tutor: Livvy Stainer
Discover how the understanding of some simple anatomy, can help to portray the human head

Copper Sculpture £90
Tutor: Andrew Bailey
Using cutting, shaping, hammering and texturing processes, produce a small sculpture for the home or garden

Tutor: Dominic Parrette
With a contemporary approach to traditional willow weaving techniques, choose to create a hare, hen, pig or a seed pod

Tutor: Nancy Goodens
Felt Making £75
Using colourful wool fibres, discover how to make felt and create anything from bags to slippers
Your Sewing Machine £70
Bring along your own sewing machine and learn all the basics - how your machine works, and a range of stitches and useful techniques

Tutor: Nancy Goodens
Choose to mosaic a plant pot, bowl or wall plaque in your own design, using a range of colourful glass tesseraie and other found items,

Half-day ‘taster’ workshops also available - just deduct £30 per person

Looking for 4 people to make up a group? There may be others interested too!
We currently have requests for the following workshops:

  • Willow weaving (2 people interested)

  • Indigo Shibori (1 person interested)

  • Metalwork (2 people interested)

To make a booking, or if you have further queries, do get in touch: call 07766 919231, or email artworks01@aol.com, or use the contact form