Screen Printing on Fabric


Experiment with screen printing on cloth using paper stencils. We will be using screen printing inks for fabrics that have a soft feel to them, to create spontaneous, vibrant, layered designs. The fabrics created can be used in quilts, embroidery or admired in their own right.

The course will include short demonstrations to the group by the tutor when required, with the majority of the course taking the form of practical progress on your own personal project, and individual guidance from the tutor when required



Session 1:  Discuss the principles of screen printing, look at examples, be shown how to prepare inks, explore the various methods of creating stencils.


Session 2: Create sample prints using both cut stencils and free hand printing. Work on layering and the relationship between the colours and shapes created.


Session 3: Using the sample prints as reference print a larger piece (up to 1m square).


MATERIALS PROVIDED: Fabric, and all necessary tools and equipment required


EXTRA MATERIALS REQUIRED AND APPROXIMATE COST: Screen printing equipment will be available to purchase on day for your own use at home.


ADDITIONAL NOTES: Please bring an apron and rubber gloves.