Tapestry Weaving

Tapestry Weaving is a wonderful way of depicting the painterly mark in a woven form. There will be demonstrations and handouts to assist you through each technique. Discover how to weave through your warp to create plain weaving, shaping, blending and hatching. Additionally you will learn which yarns and tools to use. There will be a set sample to follow throughout the workshop. The course will include a number of short demonstrations to the group by the tutor, the majority of the course taking the form of practical weaving experience. By the end of the class you will have a complete sample.
(This workshop is also open to previous students of Caron, who would like to spend a day working on their own project with her guidance).

Learn about the weft yarns, what types to use and pick your colours. Then start weaving for the first time, starting with plain weave. Learn about diagonals and making a shape, using two colours. Learn all about hatching two colours together to create light and shade from the left hand side to the right hand side of your tapestry. Continue with this technique to find out how to make a join between two colours. Experiment with blending, picking any colours and weaving them in. Create a shape of your own design and learn how to use three weft threads at the same time.

Ready-warped up tapestry frames, clamps, weft threads and wools, scissors, bobbins and handouts

Frames are provided but can also be purchased for future use at £17.00 each

Students should bring a pen and note book to take notes.  If you wish to take photographs of each technique/stage this is allowed - so feel free to bring your camera